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Why don't I workout with my clients? Pilates tips | Pilates Blog

Updated: Mar 13

I've had this conversation numerous times:

Someone: "What do you do?"

Me: "I'm a Pilates Teacher"

Someone: "Wow, you must stay in great shape teaching all the time!"

Me: "Actually, my role is to guide clients through workouts rather than workout alongside them."

Someone: "Oh."

Indeed, my job isn't about my personal workout; it's about facilitating my clients' progress. There are several reasons why I approach teaching this way:

  1. Head and Neck Safety: Most Pilates exercises are performed lying down, which can strain the neck if one tries to watch me demonstrate or for me to watch them If I was trying to workout with them. This is a safety concern I prioritise for my clients and for myself.

  2. Range of Motion: Demonstrating advanced flexibility might lead clients to push beyond their capabilities, risking injury. I emphasize that form, not extreme range, is crucial for effective Pilates practice.

  3. Mind/Body Connection: Pilates is about internal focus and movement correction, not imitation. By encouraging clients to rely on verbal cues rather than visual demonstration, I foster a deeper mind-body connection in their practice.

  4. Personal Safety: If I were to demonstrate while teaching, I'd risk diverting attention from my own body, increasing the likelihood of injury. Prioritising client safety means I can't compromise on my own practice.

  5. Human Connection: Like anyone else, I juggle my workouts amidst life's demands. This enables me to empathise with clients struggling to maintain their practice amidst busy schedules. My devotion to Pilates extends beyond personal fitness; it's about connecting with clients and inspiring them to prioritize their well-being.

In essence, my job isn't about showcasing my fitness but rather empowering clients to prioritise their health through mindful Pilates practice. That's what I'm passionate about, and that's what I teach.

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