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Whole Mind & Body Approach

Breathe in Pilates was created by Lisa-Marie Butler, a Comprehensive Pilates teacher, Pilates Educator and Massage Therapist.

Drawing from her own experience of chronic pain, Lisa-Marie made it her mission to work with individuals seeking relief from pain and improved movement. Discovering a strong connection between mind & body, she aims to promote physical and mental well-being. 

She has dedicated her time to continue to delve into the field of Pilates, biomechanics, and understanding pain, linking the powers of movement and the restorative methods of sports & Swedish massage to aid in rehabilitation and recovery.

Lisa-Marie Butler
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My Story

I found my passion for Pilates on the road to trying to heal my own body. 

Having been on the other end of pain, I know what it feels like to be a prisoner of chronic pain & have personally experienced the power of Pilates and all it can achieve. 

I suffered from rib subluxation, shoulder and upper back pain since I was 18 years of age. I was afraid to continue to do the things I loved just in case something happened, this became a habit and an excuse. " I can't do that, my ribs might pop out"

In 2016, after 15 years of missing out on life, enough was enough, I wanted to start enjoying my life again without the fear of back or rib pain. I met an osteopath who advised me that unless I started making the time to correct & strengthen my body, then my problem would keep re-occurring. She recommended Pilates. 

I found a local beginners group Pilates class, it was nerve-racking at the start, but the instructor was great and so were my classmates. After learning the fundamentals in the class, I was then able to add home practice into my daily routine with private 1:1s and it changed my life.

At first, my body resisted, but with patience & perseverance, change started to happen. 

It was this experience and change that happened in my own body, that made me decide I wanted to become a Pilates Instructor.

The rest is history, I spent the up & coming years learning and studying to become a Classical Pilates Teacher, researching biomechanics and pain, and was then invited to do my Masters Training.


Comprehensive Classical Pilates Instructor Specialist in Pilates for Neurological Conditions Understanding Pain Certification |

Full Body Massage L3 Diploma | Sports Massage Practitioner Level 3 Pilates for Osteoporosis Certification | Pre & Post Natal |

Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist Master Instructor Certification Biomechanics Diploma Level 3 Diploma 
Anatomy and Physiology L3 Award in Education & Training 


Fitpro Insured | Pilates Teacher Association Member | Approved CPD Training Provider

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