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FAQ's for Semi-Private 2:1s

Semi-private 2:1's are wonderful, Mr Pilates to run semi-privates sessions too. Not only do you get to work out with a buddy, but you still get a personalised programme to help you achieve your goals

Can anyone come to a Semi-private 2:1?

Great question. 
To join a semi-private session you need to have at least 5-10 private sessions first and be free from Injury.
This is so...

  • You can gain knowledge of the exercises, transitions and setup.

  • Learn equipment and exercise safety​

  • You get to know me and visa versa, so we can work on your goals together

Do I need to find my own buddy?

You are responsible for finding your buddy, however, I am happy to help in your hunt if you are struggling to find someone.​

Do I still get a personalised programme?

Absolutely yes, this is part of the initial private 1:1 sessions too.

What will we do in a Semi-private 2:1 session?

From your personalised programme, I will tailor the session to each students needs. Session can include Mat work and equipment.
Each student will be on different equipment, doing different exercises and I will be there cueing and deepening your practise.

Do both students need to be at the same level of experience?

No, they do not. As each student will be on different equipment at different times and you will have gained some independance on what your workout looks like from your private 1:1 sessions, each student can be at different levels.
I just ask that you are not injured or have specific needs, in this case I recommend that you do private 1:1s until you are ready for semi-privates.

What is a semi-private 2:1 session?

This is a scheduled Pilates session where 2 people want to workout together and are popular with spouses, friends & family that want to workout together.

How do I pay for a semi-private 2:1?

Clients can pay as you go PAYG for a single session or buy and book a block of 6 which secures your session slot for 6weeks.
Important Note.
If your buddy cancels with more than 24hrs notice, the session automatically reverts to a private 1:1. Therefore the person left attending will be charged the private 1:1 fee ( or the difference if already paid upfront) This private 1:1 fee is also at a discounted rate to the regular 1:1 fee, to help support the attending client.


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