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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Comfortable and supportive clothing that you can move freely in, in all ranges of motions and positions. For example leggings, tracksuit bottoms, Tshirt or tank tops.

Men: To maintain your modesty at all times, if you are wearing shorts, please wear cycling shorts underneath your shorts or fitted underwear.

A MUST HAVE: If you are attending a private/semi private session you must have Grip soled socks for safety on the apparatus, these can be purchased at my online store or at many sports/fitness shops.

What do I bring?

  • Water to stay hydrated

  • A small Towel

  • Layers to warm up in

  • Private/semi-private only: Grip Soled Socks are required for safety and hygiene.
    *Try to reduce the belonging brought into the studio* 

Do I need to wear a Mask?

It is no longer compulsory to wear a mask in session. But if you wish to wear one, that's fine there is no judgment

Online classes and sessions, what do I need?


  • A smart device or laptop

  • To Drink: Stay hydrated and have some water near by.

  • To Lie on: Pilates Mat / Yoga Mat / Folded Blanket or Towel

  • To Sit up on: Yoga Block / Folded up Towel / Pillow

  • Head rest: Small pillow / Folded up hand towel

Here is my useful HOW TO guide on setting up for Online sessions.

How to Guide

What if i'm poorly?

I ask that anyone who is ill, be it a sniffle, a bug, cold or covid19 to please cancel for the health and wellbeing of myself and fellow participants. You can read my illness protocol here: 

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