Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to a private 1:1 in the studio?

Comfortable and supportive clothing that you can move freely in, in all ranges of motions and positions. For example leggings, tracksuit bottoms, Tshirt or tank tops.

Men: To maintain your modesty at all times, if you are wearing shorts, please wear cycling shorts underneath your shorts or fitted underwear.

A MUST HAVE: Grip soled socks are required for safety on the apparatus, these can be purchased at my online store or at many sports/fitness shops.

Online classes and sessions, what do I need?


  • A smart device or laptop

  • To Drink: Stay hydrated and have some water near by.

  • To Lie on: Pilates Mat / Yoga Mat / Folded Blanket or Towel

  • To Sit up on: Yoga Block / Folded up Towel / Pillow

  • Head rest: Small pillow / Folded up hand towel

Here is my useful HOW TO guide on setting up for Online sessions.

How to Guide

Do I need to wear a Mask for In Studio 1:1 sessions?

Please wear a mask upon entry to the studio.

Once we begin to workout the WHO advises that a mask doesnt need to be worn, however, if you prefer to keep your mask on, that is fine too.

What do I bring with me to In Studio 1:1's?

No equipment needed, and try to reduce the belonging brought into the studio.

but I recommend you bring...

  • Water to stay hydrated

  • A small Towel

  • Grip Soled Socks are required for safety and hygiene, some stock is held at my studio, which can be found in my shop or you can buy online or in sport stores.