Post operative
Breast Cancer Recovery

Are you ready to find a sense of wellbeing and take back control of your body after diagnosis?

I am a  Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, certified by the Pink Ribbon Programme.

Working on a 1:1 basis, we focus on improving mobility, strength, function and quality of life. The program helps you recover from Lumpectomy, mastectomy and all breast reconstruction options.

The benefits of exercise during/post cancer treatment and surgery are;

  • To regain control of the mind and body

  • Increase muscle strength

  • Joint flexibility and conditioning, which may have been impaired by surgery and therapy.

  • Improve Cardiovascularly function

  • Elevate Mood

  • Whole mind, whole-body health

  • Effective breathing techniques

Online Fitness

Patient Workout Video Guide

Now available.

This therapeutic exercise guide of movement focuses on improving functional movement in, mobility and strength, aswell as improving quality of life for breast cancer patients.

It will help patients that are recovering from lumpectomy, mastectomy and all breast reconstruction options.


This video guide is £21.00 & 5% of the proceeds will go to charity.

Once Patient Video PRP PLAN is purchased you can access the video

HERE and will be available for 3 months from the purchase date.

Working with Lisa-Marie has been an excellent experience in every way. She is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Pilates and clearly enjoys welcoming newcomers into the Pilates community. She is warm and encouraging, taking time to answer my questions and explain Pilate’s principles and techniques to me. Weekly sessions are well planned and her systematic approach makes me feel I am acquiring a firm foundation in classical Pilates practice while seeing progress each week. Stretch and challenge are introduced into sessions incrementally. Most importantly, sessions are flexible enough to meet my individual needs, e.g. after several weeks of working with Lisa-Marie; I discovered I had osteopenia, another side effect of the anti-cancer drugs I am taking. This condition prevents me from doing certain sorts of exercise, as there may be a risk of fractures. Lisa-Marie’s incredible expertise was apparent as she immediately adapted my programme to continue Pilates safely. She is a skilled teacher offering honest appraisal of my progress and celebrating my improvements

Anne. D

Before I started coming to Lisa -Marie I was on large amount of painkillers . I was unable to bend unable to even cross my legs ! I couldn’t walk much either and used a mobility scooter to go everywhere. I was reserved at first, as I was worried I could make things worse. I have loved every minute of my time with Lisa-Marie she is so easy to talk to and I think of her as a friend . Lisa is fun but firm ! No slacking off and a need to concentrate.. as I have become stronger I have become more flexible and I trust her completely. I now have no hip pain at all and I now can stretch and get relief from my pain .

Karen G-P.

Very weak on left side glute especially after total hip replacement. As I'd had 6 sessions with the hospital physios after op and nothing really improved that much....ofcourse I had a little reservation as to how it would improve my glute and other balancing muscles. As early as three sessions I found an improvement in my glute and will continue with Pilates to help me stay on the right track. The one result I would say I have got is the strength, balance and power in my glute muscle.

Val A.