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Injury, Neurological Conditions & Specific Needs

Are you recovering from an injury or

maybe have specific needs?

I am experienced in working with those suffering from and injury or have specific needs. I am also certified to work with those who have Neurological conditions, such as MS, Parkinson's & Stoke to name a few.

1:1 Pilates is great for those who are recovering from an injury/operation or for those who need a tailored workout to help with specific needs.

I can work with your health professional to get you back onto the road to recovery.

  • Tailored 1:1 Programmes

  • Specific exercises to help with your goals

  • Promotes healthy movement patterns 

  • Looking for even muscle development.

  • Develops mind and body connection

  • Whole mind, whole-body health

  • Effective breathing techniques

  • Increase stamina, stability, strength and flexibility


Very weak on left side glute especially after total hip replacement. As I'd had 6 sessions with the hospital physios after op and nothing really improved that much....ofcourse I had a little reservation as to how it would improve my glute and other balancing muscles. As early as three sessions I found an improvement in my glute and will continue with Pilates to help me stay on the right track. The one result I would say I have got is the strength, balance and power in my glute muscle.

Val A.

Before I started coming to Lisa -Marie I was on large amount of painkillers . I was unable to bend unable to even cross my legs ! I couldn’t walk much either and used a mobility scooter to go everywhere. I was reserved at first, as I was worried I could make things worse. I have loved every minute of my time with Lisa-Marie she is so easy to talk to and I think of her as a friend . Lisa is fun but firm ! No slacking off and a need to concentrate.. as I have become stronger I have become more flexible and I trust her completely. I now have no hip pain at all and I now can stretch and get relief from my pain .

Karen G-P.

My situation before I started was I wanted to improve fitness as I had a hip replacement November  2019 and was looking for an exercise to assist me. My reservations were that I have never worked one to one before and had only gone to classes in the past so I want sure if it would be right for me. I have enjoyed my 1 to 1 sessions with Lisa-Marie. She is a fantastic teacher, I like her way of working.
Within my first 6 sessions I have found increased mobility and flexibility, so much so I have purchased  another 6 sessions.

Lorraine D.

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