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Pilates Classes,
Anytime, anywhere.

Pilates Videos at your fingertips!

Thank you so much for visiting my on my on-demand page! I am excited to have you here.

In the library, you will find Pilates classes at your convenience to help change bodies through mindful movement.

7 Day FREE Trial • Workouts For ALL Levels • Mat & Equipment Classes • Modified Workouts • 10-55 Minute Classes • Cancel anytime

Just £12.99 per Month

Movement is Medicine

Pilates Class

FREE Fundamentals

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Equipment Classes

Group Workout Session

Mat & Small Props

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Hints & Tips


Modified Classes

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Standing Workouts

About the workouts

What Type of Pilates will I be doing?

You will be enjoying Classical Pilates with variations and themes about healthy movement.

What is Modified Classes?

These have been created for those that have specific conditions such as Osteopenia/ Osteoporosis and those who have been advised the forward flexion is contraindicated.

What level do I choose?

Here is the order of progression for Pilates and how we create a really strong foundation of movement.


Fundamentals - We all start here

Introductory - Ideal for newbies

Level 1 - for beginners/Intermediate

Level 2 - Intermediate / Advanced

Level 3 - Advanced.

How long are the workouts?

I have put a great selection of workouts together to cater to all lifestyles.

From 15min to 60min! 

There is always time for Pilates.

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