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Powerhouse Cues Series #1 | PilatesTeacher Tips | Level 1 /Introductory Mat

Would you like to hear about one of the most rewarding aspects of leading Teacher Trainings? Engaging and dynamic cues to activate the core effectively. As teachers, we often find ourselves repeating cues, but I help you provide a structured method to generate fresh ideas for engaging our clients' core muscles. Every time I deliver training, I come away with more cues, and thought I could share these with you because they're truly valuable. I encourage you to share your best cues in the comments too! Words hold significant power, and by pooling our best cues together, we can offer a richer experience for our clients. Let's keep the work alive and enjoyable for them!

A new client needs a different type of cue. Less is more and we need to keep them moving.

Hundred - Belly in and up

Roll up - Scoop and roll down bone by bone

1Leg Circle - Inner Thigh draws your circle

Rolling like a Ball - Abs send you back, abs bring you up

Single leg stretch - Abs deep, belly deep

Double Leg Stretch - Button up your buttons

Spine Stretch Forward - Exhale deep scoop

Saw - Sit bones anchored to the mat

Side Kick Front and Back - Pull with the belly, press from the seat

Side Kick up and down - Kick up, inner thighs together

Teaser 1Leg - Hug your inner thighs together

Swimming Prep - Leg lifts from your seat

Leg Pull Front Support - Zip up from head to heel

Seal - Carve out your abs

Pilates Class
Pilates Class

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