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Group Mat Classes

A healthier you!

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside!

I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. 

Fed up with waking up with aches?

Daily life starting to affect how you move?

Struggle with low back pain?

Sick of feeling stiff and achy?

Shoulder and neck stiff all the time?

What are you waiting for? Book in your class!

  • Class is face to face in studio with an online option

  • You will be shown exercises to help relieve stiffness and aches.

  • Learn exercises to increase strength within your abdominal muscles

  • You will be given exercises to help improve mobility and stability.

  • I will share exercises to make you move more freely

Class Schedule

Pilates Class



Group Mat Class




Brookside Methodist Church Hall, Gunthorpe PE4 7TG




Group Workout Session



Group Mat Class




Werrington Parish Village Centre, Church Street, Werrington PE4 6QE


Experienced Beginner/Intermediate

Lisa-Marie made me feel very welcome- having never done Pilates before I was apprehensive but her clear explanations and gentle guidance meant I had a very enjoyable experience! She is warm and friendly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone- absolute beginner or experienced she will look after you

Lesley E.

I'd done some pilates in the past so was quite excited & was not disappointed. I'm always nervous about joining new groups so was apprehensive. Working with Lisa-Marie has been a delight. Her dedication & commitment to her discipline is awesome. She really cares about us & makes the classes fun while keeping a close eye on our practice to ensure we are working correctly & safely. Additionally a big thank you for the extra time you've committed to ensuring we can continue to practice during COVID restrictions. Working with Lisa-Marie has really helped to keep my body supple and my movements are much more free.

Josie M.

Before I started coming to Lisa-Marie, I had done some pilates but felt I wanted a bit more from my class without being pushed too hard. A bit nervous about new class, new people and different ways of working. I always enjoy the class whether its studio or online , I think she puts everyone at ease and is always there to help, in or out of class. One of the results i take away with me is appreciation of the little details which make pilates so much more effective.

Shirley D.

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