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Private/Semi-Private sessions

Is your lifestyle affecting your body and mobility?

Come try Pilates!  Its fun and challenging!
Our life is full of movement, so lets make it pain free and enjoy the journey!
Maybe life has caught up with you and its having an affect on your body & how you move? 
You want to get stronger and move more freely, Pilates is here for you and so am I!

Working on a private/semi-private  basis, we will create a tailor-made programme to work with your body and goals and I am here to help you achieve them. Offering set term tailor-made programme and those super dedicated to their future health & fitness a monthly membership. 

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Fit for Life!

A movement system that will be with you through your life. 
Whole mind and whole body health to keep you moving through the years!

Online Workout

In my home studio or from the comfort of your home.

Learn Pilates with me and I will teach you the skills to practise safely and effectively, so you can continue to practise at home.

Fit for Life: Services

Daily Tasks with ease

Pilates can help you make those everyday tasks and chores a little bit easier to do!

Vacuuming the Couch

Free your Body

Relieve those aches and pains with Pilates and get back to doing the things you really love to do!

Family Walk

"I've been a few times and can already feel the benefits from the sessions.
Lisa-Marie answers all my questions and always has suggestions of exercises for me to do to help with ailments I may have.
I feel she understands and listens to what you want to achieve. The 1:2:1 space is comfortable and provides  a great workout."

Sheylene E.

I have been with Lisa-Marie’s Pilates class for 7 weeks now and it’s a good core work out in a relaxed class and we do have some giggles too... I absolutely feel the benefits each time.. totally recommended

Sonia B.

My first ever experience of Pilates was at Lisa-Marie’s Monday morning class. At the end of the class my body certainly felt as though it had done a lot of work. Lisa-Marie checked all the time that I was in the right position (as she did with everyone) so that I did not damage my body. I really enjoyed it, I immediately signed up for the next 5 weeks. Professional , friendly and a safe teacher . Thank you.

Lindsey H.

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