Would highly recommend Lisa-Marie. I have had five 1:1 sessions and I am seeing really positive results. She is great at tailoring everything to your specific needs, is patient, and extremely motivational

Alison B.

I knew exactly what to expect,  I was well prepared thanks to the emails sent prior to my session, Amazing. I had no reservation, I felt at ease and was actually looking forward to my session.  Lisa-Marie's teaching was clear and concise. The one best thing I got out of the session was I learned how to actually engage my core properly.

Tola M.

I love my sessions with Lisa-Marie she is motivating, warm and compassionate.  I find the reformer 121s so precise to my needs and  ideal especially if you have a personal goal to rehab or just need that extra care and attention so hard to find in a group class.

Amber R.


Private One to One Sessions

Tailored to you!

The session will provide you with a full and varied workout & work with your individual needs, to help you achieve your goals.

Join me in my fully equipped studio and incorporate apparatus & small props in your Pilates workout taking your experience to new heights.

Apparatus such as the Reformer & Tower offer resistance with assistance, which is great for rehabilitation and provides a stronger, deeper session for everyone wanting great results.

Online, working out from the comfort of your home!

We will truely embody the matwork and use equipment and props you already own to help deepen your workout. No equipment? No problem! We can use everyday household items.