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Care For You Too. For Beauty/Physio Therapists

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This online workshop has been created for the beauty & physio therapists that are so dedicated to making us feel amazing, that they often forget to care for themselves. Your career can take a toll on your body, so I have created this workshop to help you assess your workspace for better ergonomics and give you exercises to help you strengthen your body and give freedom of movement after a long day's work making everyone feel amazing. What will you get? - Activities to help you evaluate your workspace. - Posture analysis in treatments with tips to improve. - 7 FREE short videos for the Pilates newbie. - 12min Stand taller wall exercises to do anytime anywhere. - 50min full mat class to reverse your slouch and move more freely. (download to keep forever) FAQ's 1. Do I need to be good at Pilates to do the workshop? No, I have included pre-Pilates exercises to help you learn, before moving into the main class. 2. How long is the workshop? This workshop is 100% online and self-paced, so you can move at your own pace. 3. Do I get to keep the main class video? Yes, the video can be downloaded from a laptop or PC for you to keep for life ( at this time, it can't be downloaded from a phone) 4. Do I need any props for the class? Yes, but they are not essential, the class can be done without them. You will be a small towel, a yoga block or something similar to sit on, and a resistance band, or belt.

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